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The Iceland Travel team is a group of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals, all of whom are experienced, multilingual and well-educated within the travel industry.

Our skilled team of project managers and production specialists have the expertise, creativity and know-how when it comes to planning, producing, and running new assignments. If you have any questions for us whatsoever, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

Arna Árnadóttir

Project Manager Incentives

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Berglind Magnúsdóttir

Senior Project Manager Incentive

A country girl by birth and upbringing, Berglind has chalked up over 16 years’ experience and is passionate about incentive experiences. She is a firm believer in the philosophy that there are no problems only solutions. Outside work her interests are music, the outdoors and travel. Berglind likes to recharge her batteries by hiking in the wilderness and tapping into the energy emanating from Iceland´s glaciers and volcanoes. Her motto: La vita é bella!

Björk Bjarkadóttir

Senior Project Manager Conferences

Better known as Lolo, Björk has been with Iceland Travel since 1999, so take our word she knows it all when it comes to professionally managing conferences. Lolo holds a business degree from the University of Reykjavik and has also completed further education from the University of Iceland. With her wicked sense of humour, she´s an absolute delight to work with and sets the rest of us the highest of standards with her organizational skills. With her no nonsense approach to things, you can rest assured that Lolo will have your best interests at heart.

Davíð Valdimarsson

System Administration Conferences

Davíð´s educational background is in the field of graphic design and printing. After a long and varied career in the printing business, Davíð pretty well knows all there is about printing, design and layout. Here´s someone with a keen eye for quality design. Affable, helpful and unfazed, he´s the perfect guy to turn to when faced with those frustrating technological glitches. Away from the office Davíð is equally creative, plays guitar in a band and loves to travel with his wife who luckily happens to be a stewardess.

Erla Ágústsdóttir

Manager MICE

Erla has a degree in both business and tourism studies, and on top of that she’s a travel consultant. She abruptly left banking upon discovering her passion for travel. She grew up in Germany until the age of five, which left a lasting impression on her – especially when it comes to rules and order. She’s a numbers whiz and even has goals and strategies to meet her goals and implement her strategies. Even though she might seem a little square, she’s sweet and hard-working and participates in everything from spinning class to cross-country running. She also secretely loves country music.

Guðmundur Ingi Björnsson

Project Manager Incentives

Gummi joined the incentive team last year and instantly proved his worth. He´s an experienced trekking and glacier guide. In addition, this bright fellow holds a degree in psychology and economics. His sharp wit and contagious optimism help to make him a great problem solver and leader. Gummi loves being outdoors in good company, swapping tales and sharing his enthusiasm for life and nature.

Guðrún Ósk Kristinsdóttir

Project Manager

Educated in Australia or the Land Down Under, Guðrún holds a degree in leisure and events management from the Griffith Business School in Brisbane. She´s a no-nonsense type of person who simply rolls up the sleeves and gets the job done. Guðrún brings heaps of experience and knowledge to the job, having worked in events management in Australia, England as well as Iceland. Her creativity and sense of organization make her an invaluable team player.

Helga Lára Guðmundsdóttir

Manager PCO

We´re convinced Helga Lára was a secret agent in a former life, so prolific and varied is her resume. She is the Department Manager of Iceland Travel Conferences and holds a BA in French and philosophy, as well as a BA in Child Development and Teaching and Educational Organization from the University of Uppsala. As if all that isn't enough she also has a CMM certification in conference organization from the University of Cornell. On top of all that (because she had time to kill) our dear Helga Lára is a licensed tour guide from The Iceland Tourist Guide School. She has worked in conference services for many years and we´re truly fortunate to have a person of such expertise leading our team.

Jónbjörg Þórsdóttir

System Administration Conferences

Jónbjörg has worked in the travel industry for many years in various jobs. Her spells in the hotel sector saw her work as head waitress, in reception and, most recently, as Hotel Manager at Hotel Reykjavik. Previously, she ran her own businesses in Reykjavik before joining Iceland Travel Conferences in 2007. She now gets involved in most projects, using her expertise to set up a website for every conference. She´s also there to ensure things run smoothly leading up to and during each conference. Outside of work Jónbjörg is passionate about her garden.

Kristín Lilja Sigurðardóttir

Senior Project Manager

After living, working and studying in Denmark for several years, Kristín returned to Iceland with a BSc degree in International Sales & Marketing. She joined our incentive team in 2011 and has become an integral part of our operation. Why? Well, having developed her service minded attitude at restaurants and hotels before joining Iceland Travel and being passionate about delivering a top notch service at all levels, Kristín makes sure we won‘t be adding anything into your program unless it‘s spot on! Add to this her love of exploring Iceland, she makes up a perfect partner for you to plan your Iceland adventure.

Kristján Jóhann Kristjánsson

Online Marketing and System Administration

Kristján might look like a kid but he certainly has wide experience working with a number of good and not-so-good computer systems and so has become adept at getting the most out of them, which in turn helps other users optimize their time. Krissi, to use his nickname, has his creative side: he plays guitar, likes to write and speaks fluent Spanish after spending 15 years in Barcelona. Krissi is a school of life sort of bloke who simply can´t bear to hear the defeatist retort of “that can´t be done”.

Marina Petrova

Project Manager Incentives

Marina’s always looking for herself and has been looking all over the globe for the past years. In 2006, she’d finally found herself enough to settle down in Iceland, where she got lost again – this time in a good way. Marina’s a trained teacher and speaks both French and Icelandic on top of her native Russian. She’s also a certified guide. Her tours are most often in Russian, but as she’s discovered it’s quite handy to be able to switch between a language or three when out on the road. She loves it when Iceland leaves people breathless (both literally and figuratively). After five years in Iceland, she finally accepted flatbread with smoked lamb as food and she openly admits to trying to convert visitors to flatbread lovers in record time.

Sandra Rós Steinarsdóttir

Project Manager Incentives

Sandra has a BSc degree in psychology and further diplomas in Event Management. This educational background along with her organisations skills and creative mind makes her a great asset to the incentive team. Being patience and optimistic at all times, she’s a true problem-solver and tackles rough situation with ease. Sandra enjoys travelling to far-flung corners of the world, learning about foreign cultures and experiencing new adventures.

Sesselja Dagbjört Gunnarsdóttir

Project Manager Incentives

City girl Sesselja graduated with a degree in business and admits to being a perfectionist. She’s extremely enthusiastic about handball, food (especially ice cream), and travel, naturally. She’s spent time in both Denmark and Spain, but these nations are vastly different when it comes to their outlook on life, so Sesselja internalized the best of both worlds. She’s counted among the sharpest tools in the shed and remembers everything. Especially the unimportant things.

Sigríður Dröfn Tómasdóttir

Project Manager Incentives

Sigríður studied business and marketing at the University of Iceland and more recently graduated from The Iceland Tourist Guide School. Having travelled a lot throughout the years, and worked as a volunteer in India and Palestine, Sigríður has gained a deeper understanding of different cultures and customs. On a more personal note, Sigridur is enthusiastic about design in every shape, size and colour, and interior design especially intrigues her.

Sigríður Hrönn Gunnarsdóttir

Project Manager

Sigríður Hrönn holds a business degree and after working in a variety of jobs within the travel and tourism sector she has gained lots of valuable experience. Quality customer service is her forte and she always endeavours to go that extra mile for her clients. Her resourcefulness and ability to work under pressure make her an invaluable team member as these qualities are crucial when organizing events, meetings and conferences. Sigga Hrönn has the knack of injecting energy into any room she enters and always has a joke up her sleeve whenever the occasion presents itself.

Skúli Arason

Project Manager Incentives

Born in the Royal Kingdom of Denmark, Skúli has over the years lived in a number of European countries and speaks several languages fluently. Creative, positive and tech-savvy, he´s certainly not your run-of-the mill type. Skuli´s strong creative streak is revealed in his passion for photography and music. He´s in his element when in a studio recording and mixing. He´s equally enthusiastic about riding his bike, camping somewhere in the great outdoors or simply losing himself in a good book.

Sunneva Guðjónsdóttir

Project Manager Incentives

Sunneva’s a travel veteran and has collected all kinds of experiences through the years. She has a master’s degree in business and marketing from London, has lived in three major cities and is the archetypal wandering woman. She also loves avocados.

Tinna Lárusdóttir

Project Manager Incentives

Tinna holds a master’s degree in culture communication and globalization (phew) and is the reigning Icelandic marathon champion, thank you very much. She’s a country girl at heart but has studied the habits of city folk rather intimately over the years after spending time in Spain and in New York, as well as in Denmark (obviously). She holds a BA degree in Spanish and translation studies on top of her master’s degree and also graduated with distinction from the school of life after touring Asia and Africa.

Tinna Ýrr Arnardóttir

Senior Project Manager Conferences

With years of experience working for Iceland Travel, Tinna has been a member of the conference team since 2005. Prior to that she made sure everything added up in the Accounts Department and always had an eye for the smallest of details, a quality that now stands her in good stead when she plans and organizes conferences of all sizes. Her reputation as an expert shopper precedes her and if anyone is looking for an expert shopping guide while travelling in Iceland, then Tinna is the perfect choice.

Þorbjörg Friðriksdóttir

Senior Project Manager Conferences

Tobba, as she´s called, has a BSc degree in Tourism and further diplomas in Project Management and Sales- and Marketing. In addition, she studied Folklore as she is fascinated by the commonly held belief in Iceland that elves and trolls live amongst us. On top of all this Tobba has worked in the MICE section since 2006, organizing various meetings, programmes for incentive groups, conferences and events. Always smiling, Tobba grabs every opportunity to hike or go horseback riding. Having her roots in Skagafjordur, a northern district famed for horse breeding, very likely explains her passion for horses. Maybe you should ask her to arrange a visit there.

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